We seek for providing flying cars that can not only be used by military, governmental or other organizational purposes but, can also be successfully used as a reliable means of transportation in the day to day lives of people.

Sky Is The Limit

As a popular proverb says, sky is the limit, our offered SkyDrive eVTOL Flying Car is the practical definition of it. We envision to make sky our new road for travelling from one destination to another while avoiding traffic jams or waiting at lights. Our extremely light and compact flying vehicles make it possible to take-off and land almost anywhere including roads, parking lots on commercial building and more. Our designed vehicles are safe, efficient and economic which makes them reliable for regular use.

Our History: Timeline

  • 2018, July- SkyDrive Inc. established
  • 2018, December- Obtained indoor flight test permission for experimental SD-01 model
  • 2019, May- Signed partnership agreement to develop flying cars with Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan  
  • 2019, December- SD-02 manned prototype performed indoor flight tests
  • 2019, December- Started pre-order sales of cargo drones
  • 2020, August- SD-03 manned prototype performed successful public demonstration flight
  • 2021, September- Signed partnership agreement with Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City
  • Mid-2020s. Launch flying car business
  • 2050- Realize a world where everyone can fly freely in the sky

Revolutionizing Technology

The capacity for door-to-door air travel on regular basis makes our vehicle revolutionary. It reduces travel time & maximizes the time to do other activities in life. Also, it is quiet, efficient and affordable air transportation with zero operating emission. With our innovative yet simple electric aircraft vehicles, we seek for making traveling more fun, time-saving and affordable in the lives of people.

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